Making a Difference in 2020

Making a Difference in 2020


This time last year no one would have predicted how 2020 would turn out.  It’s been a year when we have all been affected to varying degrees by disruption, isolation, anxiety, pain and loss.  The global and universal nature of this phenomenon has served to remind us of the equal value of every individual in our vast community of human beings.

As well as being reminded of our inherent value we have also seen just how interconnected we are and thus how interdependent we are on each other.  This has been particularly evident as we have seen those physical connections reduce due to the necessary restrictions imposed on our everyday social interactions.  Despite the reduction in physical contact as a team we, like so many others, have had to improvise and our experience has been that relationships have actually strengthened.

This strengthening has occurred because we have realised that not only do we desire relational connection we fundamentally need it and circumstances have necessitated a much more intentional approach to ensuring those connections happen.  In doing so we have sought to remain others-centred in our approach as we have endeavoured to understand what is right for each other by listening well along with aiming to be generous and kind without looking for personal gain.  This approach is equally applicable with our clients where even though the depth of relationships differ the overriding aims of developing trust and understanding remain the same and we have all been incredibly encouraged as we have seen that approach reciprocated by our clients many times over.

This year has undoubtedly been a time to remember how much we need one another and that we operate best in interdependent relationships that allow us to be ourselves and to flourish.  As we anticipate 2021 we are extremely grateful for the many opportunities we have to be of service and to develop relationships with our many clients and we commit to doing our best to ensure that our service continues to make a difference.





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