Contractor Availability


We use third party contractors for all repairs, maintenance and project work.  As well as sharp price increases, in the last 2 years we have seen a reduction in the number of contractors operating and a change in the way they operate.   We are finding that contractors are busy and never short of work with ever increasing lead times.  This means that at times, due to their workloads contractors do not have the capacity or are less willing to quote or tender for work.

It is taking longer to receive quotes back from them and often we don’t get the number of quotes we would ideally like.  Under such circumstances we will make recommendation on what we consider to be an appropriate course of action to ensure remedial works are not delayed.  We are also having to wait longer for work to be undertaken due to contractor workload.  We ask for your patience as we navigate this and work to reduce wait times.  We will always aim to work with your best interests in mind and will consider quotes and timescales in choosing a contractor to carry out work on the development.  We are continually seeking to add to our bank of trusted contractors so if you have any recommendations on suitably qualified and established contractors please let us know.

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